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Chief River Nursery is your hardiest selection of conifer and hardwood bare-root seedling and bare-root transplant specimens. We offer White Spruce, Douglas Fir, Choke Cherry, Black Walnut, and many other seedling and transplant species.

Conifers Hardwoods

Bare-root Seedlings
We sell 2-year olds in scotch, red and white pine and spruces, 3-year olds in fir, except the Douglas fir, which is a 2-year old. Hardwood and shrubs are 1-year old with some two year seedlings. Our experience shows these are the best combination of value and survivability.

Although millions of seedlings are planted direct to the field, best results are obtained by creating a transplant bed. Seedlings held like this for two years are easy to weed and make a great transplant.

Bare-root Transplants
Our transplants are well branched and have excellent root systems. Transplants are our specialty. We grow them without irrigation to provide you with extra hardy specimens. As with any transplant, watering in your stock provides them with a good start. We also recommend Super Gel and Super Spore for dry locations and where watering is not practical. Customers come back year after year for our huge transplants. Our experience in growing transplants produces a tree with excellent survival in direct to field planting. They are especially winter-hardy. Tree measurements are from the ground up and are very conservative.

As always, you can reach us at 800-367-9254.

Japanese Maple Container Plants
Unfortunately, not all trees are available bare-root. Hardy trees such as maples, and fruit trees are easy for us to bare-root as their root systems are simple and the general shape of the trees is similar. But more ornamental trees such as the Japanese Maple (Acer Palmatum) require soil year round and therefore must be grown in containers. We have over 30 varieties of Japanese Maples and almost all of them grow within the same zones. What is so special about these trees is their variety in shape, color and even leaf texture. If you are unfamiliar with Japanese Maple trees you should get acquanited. There are uprights and weeping varities. They come in so many colors it's almost unbelievable. There are standard maple leaf shapes as well as the much more delicate laceleafs. And there are even variegated leaf varities.

Although we try to grow as much of our own stock as we can, the sheer volume of varities makes that almost impossible. We source many of our trees from different locations around the United States as well as Canada. Many of our hardier Japanese Maples come from the upper-northwest - places like Oregon and Southern Canada. We also have a great distributor on the East Coast that provides us with a good portion of our containerized Japanese Maple Trees. The quality of these trees is truly astounding as they've perfected the method of grafting Japanese Maple stems onto scion wood. Because Japanese Maples are so hardy they can be bought at any time of the year so please continue to check back as our stock is always rotating.

Chief River Foundation
If you're a not for profit group or your community has suffered tree loss due to inclement weather, please read about our newly founded Chief River Foundation.

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